Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lack of Updates

I know it has been far too long, and far too infrequent that I've updated my ramblings on here.  Many, many things have happened, developed, and changed in the last few months.  It's prudent that I cover where my journey has taken me recently.

I am still writing for Widow's Voice every other Tuesday.  I've been cross posting that writing here, but even that is only sporadic.  If you follow those posts, you will note the significant reason that this blog hasn't been updated nearly enough.

To summarize, I met Sarah at Camp Widow back in February, and we formed an instantaneous connection.  We've talked every single day since then, and we've fallen in love.  She lives in Texas, 1400 miles away, but we've had the luxury of 3 different trips together so far, with more planned, roughly monthly right now.  Being that she's a widow as well, we get each other.  We know that Megan, and her Drew will always be loved and a huge part of our hearts, and there isn't any jealousy or weirdness when one of us simply misses our persons.  It has truly been wonderful, and we're looking forward to a wonderful future together. (Shelby also ADORES her, and will be meeting her for the first time in person in a few short weeks)

Outside of Sarah, I'm still on the hamster wheel here at work.  It's stable, and it's "quieted down" somewhat over the past few months, but ultimately, I still see this job as a springboard to bigger, better, more desirable things.  I'll stay here for as long as I need to, because it's a good job, but someday, I'll be leaving IT.

I'm sincerely going to work on updating here more often.  It could be weekly, maybe monthly, but it's something I need to focus on.  I have quite a few topics circling my head: Megan's birthday, Our anniversary, Sarah and Shelby's meeting, the next Camp Widow, etc.  All of that will happen before September's over.

So, in a nutshell, I'm apologizing to myself for the lack of writing. I'm making a commitment to write more, as even though I'm am in a happier place right now, journaling and writing in general is still therapeutic and fun.  I just need to force it sometimes and realize that not everything I write needs to come from a bad day or stress.

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  1. Relationships never change even if you have lost someone. But this is the way of life and you have to carry on with it in every kind of circumstances. So never shut the doors of your heart.